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With dedicated efforts, great legal research and on time service we try to settle the cases as soon as possible. We have been established since 2015 and have been successfully handling our areas of practices with great result and great satisfaction to our clients. We also make sure that our clients are not unnecessarily called to the court when their presence is not required and provide them easy and convenient service, as they deserve.


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Law office of Bhardwaj & Associates have been practicing in civil, criminal, corporate,real estate, property, family law along with pro bono services. We make sure to provide best legal services to our clients and help to get speedy and quick pre-litigation and litigation proceedings [...]

Mutual Consent Divorce Procedure

Mutual Consent Divorce was brought by the India Parliament vide Amendment in the year 1976 in the Hindu Marriage Act. Mutual Consent Divorce has brought relieve [...]

Annulment Of Marriage

A petition for the annulment of marriage is moved on certain grounds specified in various matrimonial laws. Once a petitioner is successful in proving its case [...]

Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce implies party desirous of divorce approach the family Court/Civil Court for the dissolution of marriage. Spouse seeking divorce has to take one of the grounds provided under the law of contested divorce [...]

Mutual Consent Divorce

Divorce by Mutual Consent is the simplest and easiest way of dissolving marriage. Procedure for Mutual Consent Divorce is laid down as under for easy understanding [...]

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Foreign Divorce

Divorce itself is complicated. Complication compounds and aggravate when it involves Indian Law of Divorce and Foreign Divorce and issues arising out of the same [...]

NRI Legal Services

Non-Resident Indians (NRI), Indian settled abroad or on work permit who are involved in matrimonial crisis often faces complex situation of divorce, annulment and child custody and consequent legal proceedings [...]

498A & Allied Criminal Proceedings

Presently, matrimonial cases are not confined within the realm of civil and family laws. Such cases can have criminal character too [...]


This is an integral part of all matrimonial proceedings. Application for maintenance can be moved by either of the spouse who does not have the sufficient means to maintain him/her self [...]

Child Custody

In divorce proceedings, the most complex and emotionally drenching issue is that of child custody. Children, young and at times infant have to bear the pain for no fault of theirs [...]

Judicial Separation

Judicial Separation is generally a step towards divorce. Section 10 of the Hindu Marriage Act Judicial Separation is generally a step towards divorce [...]

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Separated they live in. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country

Documents Required for Mutual Consent Divorce

  • Marriage Cards or Marriage Certificate
  • Two Joint Marriage Photograph
  • Two Passport Size photographs of both parties
  • Adhaar Card and/or any other current address proof of both parties